Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tribe Roll Call

My voice is the one you've been hearing from for the last few weeks, but that is about to change. From now on we will be dividing up the blogging so you can hear from all of us.

A bit about me: I'm writer, visual artist, international educator, and community organizer. I received my Masters Degree in International Education in 2006 from the SIT Graduate Institute. I've lived on four continents and successfully led eight trips abroad (five to Guatemala and three to Japan),with over 200 youth in tow.Travel and writing have been the two main inspirations and influences on my sense of self and understanding of the world so its no surprise that when designing my own program I would seek to merge the two. My goal is to design and deliver quality youth programming with an emphasis on writing, social justice, exploring global citizenship and cultivating healthy communities of color.  For more about my art, philosophy, and books check out my website: www.rejjarts.com 

Jordan (awesome co-facilitator) is a poet and dynamic pubic speaker joining us from eastern Washington’s wine country. He is the author of two published works: Double-Barreled Bible, a collection of urban poems that blend eastern and western philosophies, and Rocket Fuel for Dreamers, a poetry book about love and manifesting one’s dreams.

With helping troubled youth as driving force inside of his work, Jordan created Speaking from the pen, a poetry and public speaking workshop that enhances confidence, creativity and communication skills in today’s aspiring performers and speakers. He teaches this class regularly at the local Juvenile Justice Center, alternative high-schools and at various schools through out the state and nation.

Most recently he created Urban Poets Society, a youth-leadership program that promotes the arts, literacy and leadership in our community. Urban Poets Society has created a network of open-mics throughout the Tri-Cities area. The idea is to create platforms that encourage artists of all types to share their works and build community.

Hello my name is Azeb. I'm an aspiring filmmaker, and hope to use it as a platform to bring awareness to various social, economic, and environmental issues going on around the world. I was instantly drawn to this program because I've always had a love for traveling and seeing life through different perspectives. After meeting Reagan I felt like I'd be comfortable in MVOT and be with a group of people that respected my cultural and religious background. These last two weeks I've spent with my MVOT family have shown me so much about myself and Mexican cultural. I can't wait to film all the fun adventures we have in Veracruz!

¡Hola! Me llamo Eyerusalem.
I am one of the three youth that will be travelling abroad to Veracruz, Mexico. I was immediately attracted to Many Voices One Tribe when Reagan came to my high school to give a presentation on her program. Writing has always been my passion and travelling is something I greatly enjoy and want to do more of, so of course, I just had to be a part of this fabulous program. Within the first two weeks, we were not only provided a solid foundation of the culture of Mexico, but we also did some self-examination, and of course, a lot of writing. I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks and I cannot wait to share what I have learned!

Zion (and his mom)
I wanted to be a part of MVOT because it was a way for me to build upon my writing skills and an amazing travel experience in one package. (like duh :) ) It also seemed like a good way to work on myself. I am constantly working on myself, my favorite work in progress, so these workshops on self care plus writing skills have really given me some awesome tools. For me to take the time out to help myself has been life changing. When we go to Mexico I look forward to changing my outlook on how I see things. I know that everything will go well.

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