Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Love Poem to the 80%

By Zion Thomas

#tea Last week Jordan gave us a workshop on how to write sonnets. A sonnet is a poem that has a specific pattern. Each line is 10 syllables and its written in rhyme. This poem is about the day when I found out, thanks to my Gay Straight Alliance that at least 80% of Rainier Beach High School self identified as queer on an anonymous survey. I am one of two openly out male students, so finding this out was a shock. I don't want to out the whole school, but its nice to feel like I'm not alone and I want them to know they're not alone either.

A Love Poem to the 80%
You already understand I got you
yet our lives aren't meant to mesh together
you're alone, but you know I'd help you
you and I, similar to forever

If we were to collide and become one
people would judge, your internal war
why worry, its our victory that's won
boy your own victory with you will come

I'm mercury in the sun, you're unknown
defined by a zodiac that's not mine.
your mystery is compelling although
you're scared. I see the real you you hide

Face it Papi your game is solved
the sun shines high and low, it reveals all.

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