Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pics from Week 1 in Veracruz

Eyerusalem, Reagan, Jordan, Zion, Angelica, Azeb, and Dani

Dani showing us the quebradas at Villa Rica

Dani (one of our language teachers) and Eyerusalem, lunch at Villa Rica

The Library in Xalapa

Mojarra encebollada

Jordan and Azeb with the President of the State Human Right's Commision

Us with the President of the Human Right's Commission in his office

Eyerusalem and her new best friend Javier

Our friends at the Human Rights Commission

At the language school after class 

Zion and Eyerusalem in la Guaca (traditional neighborhood of Afro-Mexicans)

One of the Olmec heads at the Museum of Anthropology in Xalapa

Our new friend Karma

Zion hiking down the ruins of Quiahuitlan
Azeb's first dance at the Zocalo

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  1. The museum is Xalapa is one of my favorite ever. So beautifully done. The quote as you walk in is powerful! Hope you are learning, and having so much fun!